Our selection of

These Aussie Classic Rock Ringtones are usually of around 24 to 30 sesc long which is the accepted Ringtone length.

We choose the most most memorable part of the song such as a chorus or end and sometimes loop it so it repeats.

If you want a special part of one of the songs we have listed pleae let nus know and we will see if we can do that for you. There may be a charge for that service.

If you have a favourite song you'd like a have as a ringtone, let us know and we will see if we can get a release from the publisher


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motions but still can't get a Ringtone to download..
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What are they ?

There are several types of Ringtones now. With older phones it was very raw and simple one line sound, then as phones became more sophisticated, better sounds were available.

The best sounds are those from a WAV file or an MP3 file. The latter is the most used in portable devices and will give you the same sound as you hear on radio or on your CD.

They are sometime called Truetones, Realtones and other things by different companies so it is best to check your phone manual or a dealer to make sure your phone can play MP3 files.

If it can't it may play midi files which ar sometimes called Polyphonic files. They are also very musical and sound similar to al band but there is never any vocals or singing.

 This is how it works

Register an Account using your email as your User name, then Login.

You will see your 0.00 balance so pay what every you want to. Juts the actual Ringtone amount or enought for a few whenever you want them. It is up to you, but it muts be al least the Ringtone charge.

Once you have that balance you can log off. When we get notification of your payment we will credit your account and you will then be able to download your ringtone.
Go to the WAP or internet area of your phone and put in this web address..




Once you get to the web, you will see the Classing Rock Ringtone screen with a choice of songs.

Choose the song and format. You will be asked for your Account Email and Password. This is the same as when you opened the Account with us.

If there is enough in your account the Ringtone will be downloaded to you phone. Once down, follow phone intsructions of how to make it your Call Ringtones.

That's it!  Enjoy!

 My Account

The Account section is set up so you can see how much you have available to buy our ringtones.

When you open the account it has a 0.00 balance until you make a payment either by PAYPAL or Credit Card.

If your choice is PAYPAL you willo be taken to the PayPal website and shown a payment page. You will have to Login and make the payment. Once you do this, you will be norified by email by PayPal and we will also be notified of your payment. Once we recieve that notification, we will credit your account and it will show it as your account balance. You can now spend up to that amount on ringtones and the balance will decrease every transaction.

If you choose to make your payment by Credit Card you will be taken to another page where you will insert your card details.

An email of notification will be sent to you and to us. We will credit your account and it will show it as your account balance. You can now spend up to that amount on ringtones and the balance will decrease every transaction.
If you try to download a Ringtone whilst you have a zero balance, you will be told that on your phone screen and logged out.

If you can't pay PAYPAL or by Credit Card, you can pay by Direct Debit to our bank or by Check or Money Order. Please email us if that is the case.




You can login or Register an account here


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Fill in the forms and we will manually get the Ringtone to you.

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