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 It takes me back - Single
From the unreleased country-rockabilly album 'North West Mail', this is a brief bio of Lonnie's raising in the country then to the city to become a star. References to the changes in Aussie society and the terrible effects of drought in the country.. thus the creeks don't run, run, run!

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Crikey! - Single
It was written by Lonnie Lee as a tribute to Wildlife Warrior Steve Irwin. It is not a morbid or serious song, rather a happy song exactly as Steve was! It is an easy sing along song which kids and adults can join in after hearing it just a couple of times.
Many kids in schools across Australa and the world are singing and dancing to it and the chorus makes it an ideal phone ringtone song. Bright,and Happy! Sung by Lonnie Lee

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10 Beautiful ballads that focus on some of the many facets of romance and love. Love found, love now and love lost. Eight of the songs were written by Lonnie Lee and the singles released from the album have been greatly accepted by radio and critic alike.
Sung by Lonnie Lee

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10 Country songs with a Rockabilly edge all written by Lonnie. Many tell his own story about life in the country and coming to the city to become a star as well as memories of his first rockabilly band.
Sung by Lonnie Lee

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